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I’m inspired by my friends. What about you?

2018. január 09. 23:08 - suelknitwear

We would never give up on our mission to find and support inspiring women, and now it is time for you to help us.


We are just following celebrities, bloggers and influencers on the virtual pages of fame and success. We are dreaming about and craving for things that are never so bright and shiny as they seem and in the meanwhile all the real superwomen around us remain hidden in the dark.


Let’s put an end to all this and bring real and powerful women in the limelight, be proud of our friends and support them with all our heart. Do not wait for ceremonies, just let ourselves share their stories on our social surfaces beside the everyday silly posts of ours. How much easier it would be if we supported each other, if we could see hard work and passion behind success. Let’s be an ally of each other.


So I just kindly ask you to choose a similarly gorgeous friend of yours, who you are really proud of and just share her story on your Facebook site and so on… #friendspiration

Why you should join?

- your candidate will be happier than you can imagine. 

- the first 16 #friendspiration candidates will receive a Süel pack with cozy knits
- from now on all our street fashion models will be chosen from among them (from all the nominees).


Szólj hozzá!

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