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Hottest Olympian ever?!

2017. október 10. 11:58 - suelknitwear


The Hungarian swimmer who was declared to be the hottest Olympian ever starring an amazing fashion campaign that could not travel under the radar of ours. This is the first time for the world-class athlete to represent a local (Budapest, Hungary) fashion brand as a model even if she had many requests in the past due to the enviable body and unique face of hers.


Despite the fact that she is one of the most beautiful girls we’ve ever laid eyes on, Zsuzsi never wanted to be a model, she keeps focusing on swimming.



Facts about Zsuzsi

She got married to her coach last summer - sorry guys:/.

She swims about 6 hours a day and practising hot yoga to have this stunning body.

She was already 8 when she started swimming previously she had been doing gymnastics.

It is a bit disturbing for her, that her beauty comes first in the minds instead of her results, however, she was  pleased when she was announced to be the sexiest Olympian.

She is learning on faculty of Human Resources and wants to be a mediator.

She is 6 ft 0 in and 143 lb.





Just gorgeous!


"Zsuzsi is beautiful, modest and cute. Thanks to swimming she is lean, fit, body conscious and was posing like a professional supermodel during the photo session. She perfectly matches my BeFitInKnit concept. I was more than happy to work together with such an amazing woman."  -said the designer of the contemporary knitwear brand (Süel).



Well, after all these shockingly perfect pictures we just want to wish luck to her till the next tournament.

Pics: Süel X Ajkai Dávid

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