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Who we are? - Summer knits

2018. augusztus 26. 15:18 - suelknitwear

Our summer knits are unique and eye-catching, and this is the summer dress that you would never encounter in the street.

I love the creativity that emerges when I design for summertime. Laces, openworks or just light materials like linen, pure cotton or silk. In the sunny season we must be even more creative to make knitwear appealing, and we have chosen a bohemian way to do it.

1.JPG My beloved dress with a pinch of intarsia which was first shot on me at Brody Studios, Budapest. Our iconic pure cotton, printed yarn combined with two plain and bright blue shades in a bohemian knitted dress.

No stripes, just the joyful variety of bright colours in one yarn, our so called Jamaica. I was working on this pattern for 2 weeks, 24-7, sitting in front of the computer and testing the pattern on the machines, nonetheless I was sure about its success. This dress is part of the hippie capsule collection and with the hippie sweater, the ‘sleeve’and the skirt it is one of my favourite artwork and since then we have had many colour variations of it.

Again the main point is to be effortlessly feminine, to be proud of your curves, to be opened to laugh and do not take yourself too seriously. :)


A symbol of bohemian femininity.

Photo: Dávid Ajkai

Design: Zsuzsi Csillag

Assistant BM: Ágnes Laczkó

Make- up: Veronika Deák

Styling: Gabriella Parádi

Hair: Klaudia Violetta Gál





The Süel Story began in 1992 when my parents established the company. Well actually it had already begun before as they had been producing jeans and other garments, designed by my mother. I remember the day when I was around 9, sitting on the couch and my father was sketching our new logo for the new brand. Süel doesn’t really have a certain meaning (or at least I do not know if it does), it is a fantasy name that emerged from a brainstorming between my parents. I suppose that it might have something to do with Susie. We are both called Susie, my mom and me…

This amazing knitware story started almost 30 years from now, and we have still been here in the heart of Europe. The focus was on knitwear from the beginning and in the the end my mother was a real innovator in this field. Right after the democratic revolution in Hungary we did not have much information of the Western World.

There was no fashion TV, no magazines; no Internet and still, the timeless ideas of hers have always met the expectations of modern times, even today 

Ever since the age of 16 I have been part of the design process in the family fashion business, building my know-how and knitwear expertise. After graduating at Corvinus University of Budapest with a Master's in economics and working at Unilever as a marketer I decided to join the family enterprise. It's has been many years now, and I have still been into that..

To assemble the sets for this shooting was one of the hardest jobs throughout these years as my dream was to create a

pictorial curriculum,

which tells you everything about us, our style and spirit of ours.

I have conducted a survey among the VIP clients, how they would summarize their thoughts in three words on top. Colours, patterns, outfits, anything that comes up. In the end we were drowning in the waves of information. It was extremely challenging to describe all these years in pictures but I hope you will truly love it.

Zsuzsi Csillag

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