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A CSR campaign starring domestic violence survivors.

2017. november 12. 13:26 - suelknitwear

How an SME can find the right NGO to support in fashion business?

We are at the picturesque Budapest, walking in the downtown and just bumping into a colourful knitwear store in the middle of Fashion Street. The store belongs to a locally well-known Hungarian knitwear brand, Süel, which holds its annual charity warehouse fair on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25th November). The beneficiary will be the same as previously, NANE Women’s Rights Association (www.nane.hu) and goal of the whole program is to help domestic violence survivors with the donation.


It is not a new project in the life of the small fashion business; they started it 4 years ago based on the idea of the local knitwear designer (Zsuzsi Csillag). The program and the preceding campaign is more and more popular among customers and the NGOs, as it meets the needs of every party.

The annual fair is the main pillar of Süel’s CSR activity and it is officially part of “16 Days of Activism” in Hungary. Nonetheless the knitwear brand has various programs for women during the year (“Süel Fan” project, annual inspiring women contest etc.) and it was always a conscious brand that cares and acts locally. The charity fair itself throughout the past 4 years was completely integrated and it is in line with the brand values, which is rare especially among small businesses.


The fair is preceded by a very unique campaign, starring five domestic violence survivors every year who voluntarily came through NANE (in 2017 the number of volunteers tripled comparing to 2015). It is not about glamorizing bruises and injuries, as it is popular nowadays in editorials, but about the inner strength of these ladies. A touch of hope for other companions, that everyone in a similar situation is able to go on and smile in the camera. The slogan is really strong “Colours for your dress only...” referring to the past injuries, but the creatives are powerful and positive with the colourful knitwear of the brand, which protects women like a chainmail.


The initiative is supported by other NGOs fighting for women’s rights as well, as the program helps not only by the donation but with the shooting that grabs the attention of the crowd and helps the volunteers feeling strong again.


For more information:


or: info@suel.hu

25th November 2017

Süel Fashion Street

Budapest, Deák Ferenc u. 17.



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